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Mission Statement

The mission of the Roosevelt Water Association is to provide safe drinking water that meets or exceeds all of the State and Federal Government standards. The Association is committed to ensuring, in the most efficient and economical way possible, the high quality of services that the members of the Roosevelt Water Association enjoy and expect. Management, Staff and the Board of Trustees are committed to accomplishing this mission in a reliable, professional, safe, cost-effective and courteous manner. 

Everett addressing drinking water issues
Taste & odor to improve over the next week

On Tuesday, June 30th
EVERETT - An algae bloom in Lake Chaplain Reservoir-the drinking water source for much of Snohomish County-has resulted in numerous reports of unpleasant water tastes or odors. Everett staff is working to resolve the issue, which is purely aesthetic and has no impact on the safety of the drinking water.
Algae blooms are fairly common in Lake Chaplain Reservoir, but typically later in the summer. Normally, the Everett Water Filtration Plant shifts to deep intakes in the lake to avoid upper layers of water with the highest concentration of algae. However, this year the bloom moved deeper into the reservoir, leading to an increase in the intensity and duration of the bloom.
Everett staff is monitoring the situation and the algae bloom appears to be subsiding. In the interim, the filtration plant will begin drawing water directly from Spada Lake Reservoir.
"Currently Spada Lake Reservoir does not contain the same algae compounds as Lake Chaplain Reservoir; therefore, the situation should improve as water works its way through the water system," said Dave Davis, public works director. "In the meantime, the public can be confident that we are testing the water and that it is safe to drink."
For more information, please visit

On Monday, June 29, 2015 4:38 PM, Mark Weeks with Everett Water wrote:
The Everett WFP staff continues to monitor and track the algae bloom that has been occurring in Lake Chaplain over the past two weeks. A couple of members of the group of algae known as the Cryophytes or golden brown algae are thought to be the source of the musty odor and bitter iron-like taste that have been detected in the water over the past two weeks.
This population of algae occurs every year in Lake Chaplain Reservoir, although normally in July not June and usually not with this intensity. We expect the bloom to die off over the next 5-7 days.
Last week the filter plant changed intakes in an attempt to avoid the layer of water containing the highest concentration of these algae. While this move worked temporarily, this week the bloom appears to be moving deeper into the reservoir, and appears to be worsening the conditions near the lower plant intake. This was confirmed by monitoring conducted earlier today. The bloom does appear to be beginning the process of dying off as the concentration of organisms was lower in today’s sample.
Water systems should expect that the intensity of the taste and odor may continue for the next couple of weeks and that the arrival of water with taste and/or odor issues will vary considerably due to the highly variable water age and flow conditions found in the various distribution storage and piping systems. Depending upon location, water may take anywhere from a few hours to as much as 10 days to arrive from the treatment plant. This means some locations will take another two weeks for the poor tasting water to pass.
The filter plant staff will continue to assess and apply operational solutions to this issue until resolved. Tomorrow the plant will be evaluating the possibility of going onto direct Spada intake via the PUD bypass valve. Currently the raw water from Spada does not contain the same algal compounds as those in Chaplain.

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Our Water System Plan Update May 2014

Click here to read the entire Update. Water System Plan Update
For any Questions or Comments please call or email
Manager Janelle MacDicken 360.568.3450 *

Our Water Quality Report for 2014 is now complete

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2014 Drinking Water Report

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Mananger's Updates & Reports

The Manager, Janelle MacDicken will be doing updates on what is happening with your water system. She will do this on a quarterly basis but if more is happening she will do an update anytime. We hope to keep our members informed as much as possible. You will find this over on the left under Managers Information.
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Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting of the Corporation was held Thursday, February 19th 2015, 7:00 PM at the French Creek Manor. The French Creek Manor is located on the Westwick Road at the intersection of French Creek Road (167th Ave SE). Where reports of the past year's operation and the election of two (2) trustees for a three year term was held.
The annual meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of February.
The meeting for 2016 will be held Thursday February 18th 7:00 pm French Creek Manor

Minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting

If you would like a copy of our financial Statement by mail or email please call 360.568.3450 or email Make sure you give your membership name and address.


The Roosevelt Water Association is located in central Snohomish County. The Association is a private water system and owned by the 1,100 plus homeowners that are served by the Association and governed by a seven person board known as the Trustees. The Roosevelt Water Association is classified as Group A, Class 1, expanding system with a service area boundary on file with Snohomish County in accordance with the adopted Coordinated Water System Plan.

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This group of our members would serve to advise the trustees. We would like these members to serve on one of the two committees.
Administration committee has on its current agenda to review the by-laws, policy, operations manual, procedures and job descriptions. Trustees serving on this committee is Chair Peter Moon, John Claybrook and Clarence Prins
The Projects committee has on its agenda financing Tank number 2 and Pump Station number 3 along with construction of both the tank and pump station. Also reviewing capital improvements and prioritizing these projects. Trustees serving on this committee is Chair Mike Carlson, Michael Karl and Scott Nielsen.
President John Olsen oversees both committees along with Manager/Secretary Janelle MacDicken.
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