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The mission of the Roosevelt Water Association is to provide safe drinking water that meets or exceeds all of the State and Federal Government standards. The Association is committed to ensuring, in the most efficient and economical way possible, the high quality of services that the members of the Roosevelt Water Association enjoy and expect. Management, Staff and the Board of Trustees are committed to accomplishing this mission in a reliable, professional, safe, cost-effective and courteous manner. 

Update from the City of Everett Water Works about the shutdown.
On Friday, January 12, 2018 1:23 PM the Everett Water Works wrote:

Last November, we contacted Roosevelt Water Association regarding a two-day shutdown of Transmission Line 5 to install a bypass for the Three Lakes Valve. At that time, our contractor was indicating that they would issue the required 30-day notice to proceed in December with construction occurring sometime in January.

Wednesday, we met with the contactor to get an update on the project. Based on their current schedule, they will be performing work that must be completed prior to the installation of the bypass through the end of the month and do not plan to issue the 30-day notice to proceed until that is complete.

What this means is that the shutdown is still not scheduled and, given the 30-day notification requirement, will not occur until March at the earliest.

It is likely that the contractor will give us about a two-week heads-up that the 30-day notice to proceed is coming. Once that occurs and we have a firm date for the shutdown, RWA will be immediately notified.

If you have questions, contact Manager Janelle MacDickens (360) 568-3450

This Water Shutdown will affect all of Roosevelt Water members.

The City of Everett Water transmission lines are part of a regional water supply system that serves about 600,000 people throughout Snohomish County. Their primary function is to carry potable water to City of Everett reservoirs and to deliver water to our customers, from our largest wholesaler to single families. Transmission lines need regular maintenance that requires us to shut off water service to a portion of our customers in the affected area. The City is planning a major valve replacement project in early 2018.

Three Lakes Valve Project Early 2018
The Three Lakes Valve is a pressure-sustaining valve that needs replacement. To do this, the City is working with a contractor to install a new pipe and valve parallel to the Three Lakes Valve. The new system will be connected to the pipeline. For this project, our isolation valves will be at Clearview Connection (near Bickford Ave) and near Woods Creek - or essentially the entire line east of Bickford Avenue. The sequence of events to turn off service connections and drain the pipe is similar to the couplings. However, as this project requires two new connections and coordination with a contractor, the process will take longer. Customers should plan to be without water for 48 hours. We will be notifying you when the contractor lets us know when he will be ready to replace the valve. We will give you several days' notice.
From Roosevelt Water Association
You will get more information and the two days the 5 line will be shut down when it is announced by Everett Water.
To our members;
You will have to conserve water. There will be some water in the system but no water to replace it until Everett Water turns the 5 line back on
You will be without water during this time. You will need to fill containers for drinking water. You may want to fill your bath tub, so you will be able to flush your toilets. You will not be able to shower, wash clothes, dishes or anything you would need water for.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience during these repairs. If you have concerns or Questions, please notify us at (360) 568 3450.
Click here for information brochures from Everett.
Everett Water Line Shutdown
What you will need to do Before and After

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The activity on the west end of 88th St SE.

A 28-lot development is going in this area. It will be called "Golf Course Estates". At this time we do not have a date of when housing construction will start
As usual the developer installs the water lines under RWA's inspection and to our specifications.
We will keep you informed.

The activity at the north end of Robinhood Lane on Trombley Road.

A 14-lot development is going in this area. It will be called "Trombley Ridge". The developer is trying to have it ready for building houses in early spring.

Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting for our members of Roosevelt Water Association Inc. was held Thursday, February 16th 2017, 7:00 PM at the PUD building in Monroe. Where reports of the past year's operation and the election of three (3) trustees for a three year term were held.
The annual meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of February.
The meeting for 2018 will be held Thursday February 15th at 7:00 pm in the PUD meeting room on 120 E Fremont Street Monroe, WA.

Minutes from the 2017 Annual Meeting

If you would like a copy of our financial Statement by mail or email please call 360.568.3450 or email Make sure you give your membership name, address and account number.

Annual Meeting Notice for 2017

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The reason for RWA to have your email address is to alert you went something has happened or is going to happen that will have an effect on your water. When we email to all the members it will be sent as a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) this is so no one will be able to see your email address. We will not use it for anything but RWA information. A major water leak. Flushing of lines. Important meetings. Items along this line. At anytime you can be taken off the list.
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2017 Summer Yard Watering Calendar

Click here for the 2017 Watering Calendar

Our Water Quality Report for 2016 is now complete

Click here to read the entire report.
2016 Drinking Water Report

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Water Rates

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           Effective March 1st 2017

Mananger's Updates & Reports

The Manager, Janelle MacDicken will be doing updates on what is happening with your water system. She will do this annually and when needed on a quarterly basis. You will find this over on the left under Managers Information.
Managers Reports


The Roosevelt Water Association is located in central Snohomish County. The Association is a private water system and owned by the 1,100 plus homeowners that are served by the Association and governed by a seven person board known as the Trustees. The Roosevelt Water Association is classified as Group A, Class 1, expanding system with a service area boundary on file with Snohomish County in accordance with the adopted Coordinated Water System Plan.

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