2019 Rates and Fees

The standard base bi-monthly rate is $87.50 per meter and $2.50 per unit of usage.  For a complete list of rates and fees, go here

Locate Your Water Line

Roosevelt Water Association owns and maintains the water mains in the street and the water lines from the main to the meter. The meter is usually located in the easement area between your house and your neighbour's house near the street. The builder of your home is responsible for installation of water lines from the meter to your home. The water district does not go on private property to repair lines as the lines are installed and owned by the builder/homeowner. For more information, go here.

Water Leaks

Finding water leaks saves water, which saves money on your water bill. Routinely checking for leaks and monitoring your water bills closely can help reduce the likelihood that leaks will go unnoticed. If you suspect you may have a leak, call one of Roosevelt Water at 360-568-3450 or email

Water Calendar

 Let the soil dry between waterings to prevent lawn disease and save water. Lawns only need about one inch of water a week in summer, including rain, to stay green. Or you can let areas of lawn that don't get heavy wear go brown and dormant – just water once a month, and they'll bounce back in the fall. 

Cross Connection

Protecting the quality of our drinking water includes protecting the water as it passes through the pipes to all the buildings in the Roosevelt Water Association. Something called a cross connection can threaten the quality of our drinking water in that piping system. A cross connection is where substances other than drinking water may enter the plumbing and come in contact with drinking water. Roosevelt Water Association requires that any cross connection have a backflow preventer and to have it tested yearly.



2019 Water Quality

E. Coli FAQ

2018 Water Quality