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Mission Statement

The mission of the Roosevelt Water Association is to provide safe drinking water that meets or exceeds all State and Federal government standards.  The Association is committed to ensuring, in the most efficient and economical way possible, the high quality of services that the members of the Roosevelt Water Association enjoy and expect.  Management, staff, and the Board of Trustees are committed to accomplishing this mission in a reliable, professional, safe, cost-effective, and courteous manner.

History and Purpose

Additional Information

Lois Haack and Dotti Nichols were instrumental in organizing the campaign which lead to the formation of the Roosevelt Water Association. Interest in creating a community water system was stimulated by the failure of several individual property owner wells in the Butler Hill vicinity during the exceptionally dry summer of 1964. The initial meeting on the path to actual construction of the system occurred on February 11, 1965.

The federal Farmers Home Administration offered a program that would loan $200,000 towards the cost of constructing the initial distribution system if the community would raise 10 percent in matching funds. The City of Everett agreed to allow connection to their Pipeline Number 5 to serve as the water source. The initial plan was to sell 100 memberships at $200.00 each to raise the local share.

The preliminary engineering report for the distribution system layout was prepared by James King, P.E., dated May 1965. The Roosevelt Water Association was incorporated on June 14, 1965, with 106 members. John Ward Lawlor was the first president and Austin Nichols the first Secretary.

Construction of the initial system facilities was completed and accepted on September 17, 1966 with the Iverson Road connection to the Everett Pipeline 5. Service connection then commenced for the charter membership.

A second connection to the Everett system was made at Trombley Road several years later. There have been no significant problems as the Association has expanded.

The Association does not have an individual water right; rather, it is reliant on the City of Everett's water right to maintain potable water to the Association system. The City of Everett's water source is Spada Lake, which I located in the Sultan River Basin. Everett Pipeline number 5 is able to meet Association daily demands protected through 2025. The City of Everett has verbally assured the Association that the City expects to be able to meet all the demands for the foreseeable future.

The Roosevelt Water Association is part of the North Snohomish County Coordinated Water System Plan (CWSP). The CWSP originated out of recognition that water resources in developing areas were limited. The resulting CWSP established procedures for water purveyors within the CWSP boundary to serve all existing and potential customers in the most efficient manner. The CWSP focused on coordination planning and construction programs among the participants. The resulting document is the North Snohomish County Coordinated Water System Plan.

In Accordance with applicable state law, the Snohomish County Council established exclusive water service areas within the CWSP with minimum supply and fire flow requirements, along with construction improvement standards.