Water meter face

Read Your Meter

Your register will show a number with either five or six digits. The last two digits on the right may be a different color than the others (see meter image to the right). Write down all the numbers, reading the meter from LEFT TO RIGHT (e.g. 008836).  For more information, go here.


Flushing a Water Heater

 If there is dirt water coming from your hot water taps but your cold water taps are clear, you may need to flush out your hot water tank. If so, these instructions will generally apply. If you have ANY problems following these instructions, you should contact a plumber to help you in flushing your hot water tank. 


Flush Water Pipes

You may need to flush water pipes in your home for different reasons. Maybe there was trouble with the water supply and you have been told to flush the water pipes OR the water department has been flushing the water mains and your water is rusty. Whatever the reason, you can complete the task with a few basic steps.


How-To Read Water Meter (pdf)


How-To Flush Hot Water Tanks (pdf)